How Is This Even Real? Trumpet Player Shows Off His 3D-Printed Instrument

Mar 25, 2015 at 11:48 am |

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If only Louis Armstrong were around to see this…

University of Michigan student Daniel Olson decided to take his trumpet skills to the next level when he designed and created a 3D-printed trumpet.

The detail that went into this is pretty incredible. The “brass” instrument consists of 17 different pieces printed in ABS plastic and welded together using acetone. The three, uniquely crafted valves are lubricated in Vaseline since valve oil didn’t work well with the plastic. Daniel explains in his YouTube video that the various pieces of the instrument took between six and 17 hours to print.

But how well does the plastic trumpet play?

You’ll have to watch the video and hear for yourself, but just as a heads up, you might want some earplugs.

What won’t people make via 3D printing these days? If this college student can do this, just imagine the possibilities. Unbelievable.