Make ‘Harry Potter’ Beer Pong Your New Favorite Drinking Game!

May 4, 2015 at 5:47 pm |

Clearly, some serious Harry Potter fans were sitting around playing the boring old normal version of beer pong when – lumos – the light went on in their head.

Introducing Unofficial Quidditch Pong, the drinking game that’s sure to make your night a little more magical. While we’ve seen various versions of do it yourself quidditch pong for a while now, this is the first version that has a clean, professional feel to it. The set comes complete with three golden hoops and a Golden Snitch ball, all yours for only $19.99. Tack on another 10 bucks, and you’ll get two (hardly imposing) beater bats.

The rules are fairly straightforward and aren’t too different from your average game of Beirut or beer pong. Basically, there are two teams of three playing at a time, each with ten cups (plus one “Snitch cup” located at a distance). The three goal hoops are placed in the middle of the table, and it’s worth more points if you make a cup through a hoop. If you make the “Snitch cup,” which has been placed further away though not at an impossible distance, you could immediately win the game. Sounds simple, right?

Harry Potter fans are sure to love making this game a little more magical by using several of the many spells that the game’s creators have included on their website. Initially, each team decides which of Hogwarts’ four houses they want to play as, and their choice of spells depends on their selection. The game’s website, however, encourages all players to use any spell they want if so desired.

For starters, how about using Accio to add an extra cup to your side, or Sectumsempra to block all of your opponents’ shots for one round? You could also automatically remove any one of the other team’s cups by using Avada Kedavra, but true Harry Potter fans will know that that’s no spell to play around with.

So what do you think? Is this magical quidditch pong worth it?

Don’t be a Muggle, make your next party magical with Quidditch-inspired beer pong!