Guy Shamelessly Uses Pokémon Pick Up Lines, Wins at Life

Sep 24, 2015 at 10:00 am |

Just Give Me a Chansey, I’ll Be Your Machamp.


pokemon pick up lines 2

Source: YouTube @KyleBerryTV

There are two Kyle Berrys on YouTube. One of them was recently arrested for making how-to videos about cultivating drugs at home. The other one is a slightly offbeat but otherwise hilariously entertaining and uplifting maker of viral videos.

Today, we’re going to be talking about–you guessed it–the younger, not incarcerated Kyle Berry, specifically because of an amazing video of his from a while back. It’s called “Pokémon Pick Up Lines,” and it’s sincerely comic genius.

Kyle donned his best Ash Ketchum outfit (props to that) and then shamelessly paraded around Anime USA trying to pick up girls using only Pokémon puns (poképuns?). Naturally, there was a hidden camera recording the whole thing.

Luckily for the brave young man, a lot of girls reacted positively to his aggressive attempts to woo them. Out of the dozens of girls he talks to in the video, only one tries fighting him, and that was after he provoked her by trying to capture her with a Poké ball… AKA literally throwing one at her. Bold choice, kid!


pokemon pick up lines 3

Source: YouTube @KyleBerryTV

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Can I peek-at-chu? This guy’s Pokémon pick up lines are HYSTERICAL!