Giant Goldfish Are Invading North American Waters

Jun 26, 2015 at 4:54 pm |

Giant goldfish are invading North American waters, and scientists are concerned about the threat they might pose for fragile ecosystems.

Remember goldfish? The cute little guys you got at the dentist? Turns out they can grow to be big– like, really big. As it so happens, goldfish are capable of very impressive environmental adaptability, and if they’re not being constrained by say, a fishbowl, then there’s nothing to inhibit their growth.

Goldfish the size of dinner plates have been caught in Alberta, Canada, prompting locals to worry about the impact they are having on waterways. Many of the fish are believed to be the result of people illegally emptying out their personal aquariums into public waters. What may seem like an innocent or even humane act is actually extremely ignorant and potentially dangerous for ecosystems and their native species. Even your little goldfish could turn into an invasive species that throws local aquatic environments totally out of whack.

If anything, it’s certainly not worth the $100,000 fine that Canada is dishing out to people caught releasing live animals like fish into the wild.

So this is what happened after you flushed your goldfish down the toilet…