You’ve Never Seen the X-Men Like This Before

Aug 31, 2015 at 3:17 pm |

It’s always fun to see your favorite characters get a makeover.

Sometimes the change from cannon is unpleasant and an all-around failure, but every once in a while, new artists reimagine classic characters and totally hit the mark.

Randy Bishop, a freelance character designer and illustrator, released some very cool and imaginative X-Men cartoons a while back, and now they’re finally getting the attention they deserve.

Described as “X-Men meets Disney,” the character sketches are fun, colorful, and filled with the varied personalities we know and love from some of our favorite X-Men. Start the slideshow below and see the superheroes’ new look!

x-men randy bishop 1

Source Facebook/ Randy Bishop Art

One artist totally reimagined the X-Men… wait till you see Wolverine!

Start the slideshow to see these new X-Men!