This Is How You Can Unlock An iPhone Without A Passcode (Watch)

Mar 8, 2016 at 6:10 pm |

Hide your gadgets, hide your phones

Have you ever attempted to snoop through your significant other’s phone to no avail? You’re typing in all sorts of numerical codes, birthday numbers, and anniversary dates, only to find yourself locked out of his phone for good.

Well, the days of not being able to break into your beau’s phone are long gone. You see, the way technology is set up, all it takes is one question to Siri, a couple of taps on the phone and VOILA! You’ve just hacked into your guy or girl’s phone.

Unlock An iPhone Without A Passcode 01

Source: Imgur

Unlock your boy/girlfriend’s iPhone without having to type in the passcode or use the fingerprint scanner!

Come on, you know you wanna!