Things You Didn’t Know Exist That Will Give You Nightmares

Oct 19, 2015 at 7:45 pm |

Turn Back While You Still Can

The wide world is filled to the brim with beautiful things: kind people, stunning landscapes, miraculous natural phenomena, and immeasurable diversity. Unfortunately for us, the world is also filled with tons of scary stuff.

From diseases to mental conditions to terrifying animals, there are nightmares waiting for you around every corner. And while we all know about the standard threats like epidemics, spiders in airplane toilets, great whites feeding at beaches, and your run of the mill psychopath, some of the scariest things on the planet are things you don’t even know about.

Start the slideshow below to see the most horrifying, messed up things you didn’t even know about. Some of them will chill you to the bone while others will just mess with your head and leave you questioning what’s real and what’s fake. Good luck!

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Source: Twitter @cracked

So disgusting, #6 will make you never want to go back in the water!

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