These Freaky Images Will Make You Seriously Scared of Sinkholes

Aug 21, 2015 at 11:44 am |

When Good Earth Goes Bad.

When you hear the term erosion, you probably think about water chipping away at rocks little by little, like the millions of years it takes the ocean to make soft sandy beaches. You probably don’t think about cars, houses, or city blocks suddenly disappearing into the earth, but you might want to start.

Sinkholes are natural phenomena that occur virtually everywhere on the planet, and while some happen gradually over time, many happen instantaneously and without a warning.

Think your house is safe? Start the slideshow below and take a look at some of the coolest and most frightening sinkholes around!

sinkhole guatemala 1

Source: Instagram @charlesanddognyc

The scariest part is that these could happen practically anywhere and anytime.

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