Die Hard Teen Mom Fans Only: Name That Baby Bump

May 22, 2017 at 11:24 am |

Real Fans Only

Here in Teen Mom-verse, we’re always expecting a baby. Between Teen Mom   and Teen Mom OG, someone is always pregnant. Fans gush and explode at pregnancy announcements, gush and wait for the gender reveal, and then gush and anticipate the baby’s first Instagram photo.

Watching mommy after mommy go through the preggers ritual, fans have learned a couple things. One: The Teen Moms are always pregnant. Two: Each mom wears pregnancy differently. Die hard Teen Momstalkers fans, can attest to these two facts without a doubt, but only the most attentive could identify the moms by their bumps.

Can you guess which bump belongs to who?

Teen Mom OG Promo

Credit: MTV

Can you tell who’s who by their bump?

Are you a die hard fan? Are you, really? We'll see.