Super Food for Superheroes

Aug 19, 2015 at 12:40 pm |

Superhero-Themed Foods Are Super Impressive.

Between all the stopping bad guys and saving the world, you have to wonder when superheroes are ever able to take a break and eat a well-deserved meal.

Do we even know what our favorite superheroes’ favorite foods are? Does Alfred prepare all of Bruce Wayne’s meals? How many calories does the Flash burn, even in a short run? Do the Ninja Turtles stick to a strictly-pizza diet?

Turns out super food isn’t just for our favorite Marvel and DC characters, and that plenty of restaurants and DIY chefs love whipping up food fit for even the pickiest superhero out there.

Start the slideshow below to see what super foods we were able to find. Whether you’re known for your super appetite, or if diets are your archenemy, you’ve got to check out these superhero foods.

super food nachos

Photo by Instagram: cuban_superman

These foods are perfect for your super appetite. Add alcohol to #16 for a real treat…

Start the slideshow and prepare to be super hungry!