Strangest Facts About the Male Anatomy

Nov 18, 2015 at 2:44 pm |

Fun facts don't get any better than this...

For how obsessed we are with our doodles, how much we think and talk about them, most people don’t actually know that much information about them. For most people it all boils down to one big (or very small) fact. But there’s so much more to the male anatomy than meets the eye.

(Speaking from the male perspective) it just kinda hangs out all day — but is never too far from our minds, so why not grow your knowledge on the subject?

Bring these fun facts up at a party! Or don’t, because that could be creepy…

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phallic cloud

Source: Imgur

The tiniest superhero. #4 makes me totally uncomfortable.

The penis is a strange, strange body part. Here's proof.