Stitches Tricks “Cash Me Ousside” Girl into Being in His Music Video

Mar 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm |

Fool me once...

Danielle Bregoli has been everywhere lately. The “Cash Me Ousside” girl has created a persona all her own, and she’s taking off. From her original appearance on Dr. Phil to being in a Kodak Black music video, she’s taking full advantage of her “five minutes of fame.” But what happens when someone wants her publicity and she says no? They get a little bit tricky.

Danielle Bregoli Cash Me Outside girl Dr. Phil

Source: Twitter/@RealRyanMason

“Cash Me Ousside” girl Danielle Bregoli is all over the place right now. Stitches wanted her, and she said no. What happened next?

What did Stitches do this time?