People Reveal How They Got Their Most Gruesome Scars

Jul 12, 2017 at 2:53 pm |

These scars have serious tales to tell

I believe that everyone on the face of the planet has at least one scar somewhere on their body, and it’s definitely got a story behind it. It could have been a routine playground accident when you were a child, or it could be from a life-saving surgery you had to get after a tragic accident.

Photographer and artist Martin Rost was attracted to scars because he felt they were a way to really get to know a person. He said in an interview with Vice Germany, “I used to see a scar and mostly just want to hear the cool story behind it, but when someone tells you she’s had twenty-nine operations over the course of her life, it becomes way more than just an interesting story.” He asked people to share not only their scars with him, but the sometimes silly, sometimes sad stories behind them.

woman with scar in armpit

Credit: Chompuu/Shutterstock

How did you get that battle scar of yours?

How did you get that battle scar of yours?