Most Over-the-Top Hotel Rooms

Nov 5, 2015 at 4:33 pm |

More than a mint on your pillow.

Most of us are ecstatic when we sleep in a hotel room with a nice pillow and view of something other than a parking lot. Continental breakfast? Blueberry muffins? 5-stars.

But every once in a while you might dream of staying in the rockstar suite, or the presidential…because don’t we all deserve to feel like a president of a rock band at some point in our lives? Whether you have the capability to purchase a night in one of those specialty rooms, or you just need some great ideas for your dreamboard, here are some of the most bada$$ hotel rooms that we’ve come across, but you’ll be doing anything but sleeping in these rooms.

It’s time to have a vacation where your hotel room IS the adventure…

natura vive skylodge

Source: Instagram @travel.hunter

#9 is made entirely of chocolate. I’m literally dying.

Welcome to hotel room heaven...