Watch as Vengeful Ex-Boyfriend Drives Propane-Filled Car Into Former Girlfriend’s Home

Jul 5, 2017 at 3:31 pm |

The relationship went up in flames

Chances are you’ve been through a bad breakup. Whether the relationship felt perfect at the time or was filled with mistakes and regret, breaking up is rarely easy to do, even if it’s what we need to move on and grow.

If you don’t think you knew someone well enough during the relationship itself, the best way to actually see someone’s character may come in more difficult moments of stress and anger. People reveal who they truly are during hard times. That was the case for one scorned man who sought revenge on his ex-girlfriend in one of the most terrifying ways possible.

ex boyfriend fire attack car

Source: Kathy Toledo; Facebook @St. Lucie County Fire District

“You never want to see a thing like that. I saw his body, everything on fire.”

Thankfully she got away safely