Duggar Whistleblower Reveals Michelle’s Trans / Homophobia Is What Led to the Molestation Discovery

Mar 14, 2017 at 1:15 pm |

Bigotry comes at a price!

I personally have never been a fan of the Duggars. I did not know this family from their reality television series on TLC; like many, the reason I know the Duggar family name is because of the release of a certain police report in 2015.

When Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal was brought to light, the family’s fame sky-rocketed… in the worst of ways. The Duggar family is now one of those reality families that everyone loves to hate, and rightfully so.

Have you ever wondered how Josh Duggar’s sick ways were revealed? The original Duggar whistleblower tells all.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Source: Facebook/Duggar Family Official

Bigotry comes at a price!

Is Michelle the reason for Josh Duggar's scandal?