The ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Reunited and They Are Almost Unrecognizable

Mar 14, 2017 at 4:57 pm |

The gang's all here... well, sort of.

Guys, can you believe it’s been nearly eight years since we were introduced to the cast of The Jersey Shore? Yes. EIGHT YEARS. In December 2009, eight kids from different walks of life showed up at the jersey shore to spend their summer with complete strangers. Soon, those strangers turned into friends, and those friends turned into family.

Two years shy of a decade later, the Jersey Shore kids are still friends, some closer than others. The cast recently reunited for Sammi Sweetheart’s 30th birthday. Yes, she’s 30, y’all. The crew showed up and turned up as their girl kissed her 20s goodbye.

Jersey Shore cast reunite

Source: Instagram @snooki

See how the former wild cast, who are now moms, husbands, and entertainers, partied “hard.”

See how the now moms, husbands, and entertainers partied "hard."