‘Icons Unmasked’ Reveals Secret Identities of Your Favorite Characters

Sep 22, 2015 at 4:28 pm |

What’s Behind the Mask?

Few things crack us up more than a perfectly-timed cultural reference.

Artist Alex Solis has killed two birds with one stone with his series of illustrations called Icons Unmasked. The gallery takes a deeper look at some of our favorite characters and heroes from Goku to Big Bird and shows us what they’re really hiding on the inside.

The drawings themselves are fantastic. You’ll love how the colors pop and the many characters blend together and come to life. Even if you’re not into art, you’ll crack up at who some of these characters really are behind the mask. Solis took some of them more literally, whereas others hit the nail right on the head.

Start the slideshow below to enjoy Solis’s art, but be warned: much like seeing your favorite characters’ heads come off in Times Square–only to reveal something much scarier and less cuddly behind the mask–some of these illustrations may just scar you. I’m still shivering from Batman and Robin.

icons unmasked the flash

Credit: Alex Solis

Can you guess what your favorite superhero’s real secret identity is?

See Your Favorite Icons Unmasked