Hilarious Surfer Bro Pranksters Fight for Paul Walker Statue

Mar 30, 2017 at 4:49 pm |

We miss you so much, Paul!

Paul Walker left this Earth way too early; he was killed on impact in a fiery car crash when his Porsche Carrera driven by Roger Rodas was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed and crashed into a light post in Los Angeles. But we just can’t stop thinking about him. Even his brothers Caleb and Cody stepped into his role in Furious 7 so that his legend could live on. But there are two guys out there who have been working hard to get a tall Paul Walker statue erected somewhere along the California coast so that we can look upon it and remember our lost actor.

chad and bhodie chad goes deep

Source: YouTube @Chad Chad

Paul Walker may no longer be surfing the waves of this Earth, but two surfer guys would love for him to watch over them while they crush gnarly waves.

Chad and Bodie just want a huge statue of Paul, no biggie