Breakup Goes From Bad to Worse After Girlfriend Punches Boyfriend, Breaks His Door

May 10, 2017 at 4:09 pm |

This proves that domestic violence goes both ways

“Oh what an odious web, we weave when first we practice to conceive” was never more true for this angry couple. We don’t know much about what went into their fiery situation, but we do have a few clues. Both parties cheated on each other for sure, and possibly multiple times. They cheated with people that they mutually knew, and they live in a small town which means that everyone knows their business. They were facing the ultimate humiliation.

But the lady in this case was not about to swallow her pride and move on like it never happened; she wanted to fight to get a taste of retribution. In this shocking video, the lady violently tries to enter the home of her newly-ex boyfriend, and she may make it all the way in…

crazy girlfriend close up

Source: YouTube @Plugged In TV

A guy decided to lock himself in his house after he ex-girlfriend assaulted him, but he didn’t think she could ever have enough fury to break his door.

He was only trying to end their probably terrible relationship