Caught in the Act: Girl Goes Viral After Banging Boyfriend Behind Beer Tent

Jun 23, 2017 at 11:54 am |

It was just your typical day at the races until...

One Scotland racecourse is getting lots of attention after a women decided to get it on in broad daylight at one of their races. Apparently the horses weren’t the only ones romping around at Kelso Racecourse, and we’ve got footage to prove it!

One young hairdresser, unable to keep her britches on, decided that she wanted to get a little closer to a guy she had been dating. What better way to get racy than to ride him all the way into the sunset! See the illicit video her boyfriend’s friend caught on his candid camera.

M. Sonkur and guy get it on behind beer tent

Source: YouTube @Breaking News Today

We’ve got the footage!

Saddle up and see why one girl is mortified