Funny Sh*t Siri Says

Jul 29, 2015 at 12:05 pm |

Hi. My name is Siri and I say the darndest things ever

Siri — What’s Zero Divided by Zero?

Considering all she is is artificial intelligence inside your iPhone, Siri is one of the sassiest people around. When Apple made Siri, you have to wonder how they planned on all the crazy things people would say to her, because it feels like she has the perfect response to most weird questions, commands, and even insults.

Forget using Siri to micromanage your life and make your day more efficient. We all know her only purpose in “life” is to entertain us and put up with the mindless droll we throw at her on the daily.

If you have Siri but you feel bored with her, try some of these hilarious tips to get her to stay the craziest stuff you’ve ever heard coming out of your phone. You won’t regret it!

apple siri call me maybe

Siri Rae Jepsen?? (Photo by Apple)

Siri just said WHAT? You won’t believe 3. Try it for yourself!

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