Farrah Thinks Her Businesses Will Be Bigger Than Apple and Google

Mar 29, 2017 at 1:33 pm |

Is Farrah delusional?

Farrah Abraham is known for being money hungry and overly confident: Just check out her Instagram bio. It reads “Celebrity/Keynote Speaker/NYTimesAuthor/Founder.” She has founded a children’s boutique, a frozen yogurt company, and a furniture store.

She may be a little delusional about her successes. In a recent Instagram post she compared her businesses to the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, and other hugely profitable businesses. What’s even worse is that she thinks hers are better!

Check out the details of the hilarious comparison.

Farrah MOM Screencap

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham

This might be the most delusional Farrah has ever been.

Is Farrah completely delusional?