When You Use FaceApp to See What Guys Are Really Like on Tinder

May 1, 2017 at 12:03 pm |

He may have a double-biased opinion

Dating is really hard. Finding a potential mate is a huge challenge in itself, but then you have to meet with them in person, realizing that they may not be anything like you thought they would be. Millennials and other generations have turned to online dating and apps to help them identify the single people looking for love around them, and it has lead to many long-lasting relationships.

However, people have complaints about such services… Men say that women just won’t respond to them while they try to be as pleasant as possible in their initial messages; women say that they get flooded with messages (lovely and crude) from guys, and it’s just too much for them to handle. One Tinder guy wanted to experience what the opposite sex really goes through on the popular dating app. He set up a little experiment and lived on the other side, but he doesn’t see what women are complaining about.

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Source: The Hook

One man went on a mission to see how dudes really act towards women on Tinder, and he’s not convinced guys are the problem here.

He just didn't attract the creeps like real women do