This Dwarf Is Squashing Stereotypes and You Can See Why

Mar 2, 2017 at 2:49 pm |

Big things come in small packages!

A dwarf is someone (of age) who measures under the threshold of “adult height,” which is usually around 4 foot 10 inches. It is a medical condition that causes slow growth results, leaving a person pretty darn short. A possible result of this is in-proportionate body parts, a typically unattractive result for the dwarfed human.

This girl from Brazil may be a dwarf, but she has no issues when it comes to attractiveness…

worlds sexiest dwarf karina

Source: Instagram @karinalemos_oficial

Big things come in small packages, right? This dwarf from Brazil has no problems when it comes to her size. She sees it as an advantage, and you can see why!

People call her the "World's sexiest dwarf" for a reason!