Does Your Sign Reveal if You Will Be a Cheater?

Jun 22, 2016 at 4:11 pm |

Are the constellations pushing you to do something lascivious?

Lots of people believe the stars, planets and their birthdays reveal a lot about their personality and future. While it’s fun for some, it’s rubbish for others and serious business for another portion of the population. Horoscopes claim to reveal your future love life, career moves and even what fashion choices to make.

While there’s usually no harm in reading about your sign, can your horoscopes really reveal bad omens to come? Like if there will be sadness or even a death in your near future. Of course we often don’t want to know of these bad predictions. But maybe your sign can reveal the relationship mistakes you are going to make? Maybe even if you are prone to cheating. Some star signs are more sexual and secretive than others (Hi, fellow Scorpios), but does this mean you’re more likely to be unfaithful?

sexy scorpio woman drawing

Credit: Natalia Hubbert/Shutterstock

Are you a believer?

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