Cheating Addicts Explain Why They Just Can’t Stop

May 11, 2017 at 5:10 pm |

Right or wrong, they're going to keep cheating

It used to be true that men were the foremost cheaters; they had more power over women due to social double standards and felt like they could get away with it more easily. But in recent studies, it looks like liberated ladies are now equal in fooling around with other people. About 40% of married people, men and women, are cheating on their partners.

While cheating is never advisable, it does seem to be pretty popular, and these experienced cheaters are revealing why they don’t really feel bad about doing this dirty deed.

Girl laying in bed smiling texting cheating night time cell phone

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Cheating causes a deep, personal pain, but these cheaters believe their bad ways are justified.

They either can't stop or don't see why they should stop