Celebrity Assistants Share Horror Stories About Their Bosses

Mar 22, 2017 at 5:22 pm |

All about my boss

How would you like to have a job where you can rub shoulders with celebrities and hobnob with the rich and the famous all the time?

What if you knew all the intimate details about your favorite star’s life, and what’s more, you were the person they came to with total confidence and trust in their times of need?

Sounds like a pretty sick deal, right? Who wouldn’t love a famous friend or coworker you could live vicariously through without having to dodge paparazzi and get all that hate mail? This would probably be a dream job.

But celebrity personal assistants might disagree.

It’s no surprise that celebrities are probably high-maintenance, or at least used to being handed everything on a silver platter. Personal assistants are the ones who have to make sure these celebrities are placated at all times, making sure that every detail is right while often anticipating what their bosses want before they even ask. Not surprisingly, this dream job is often a nightmare.

kim kardashian at casa escobar

Source: Instagram @KimKardashian

Turns out this dream job is often a nightmare.

See what they had to say about your favorite celeb!