This Cat Fight That Erupted in Canada Between Four Girls Is Exposing to Say the Least

Mar 1, 2017 at 1:18 pm |

Stop the violence!

Fights are fights, and when you know one is about to happen there’s almost nothing that can prevent it. Fights between two guys are one thing, but a fight between two women can be a situation sent straight from hell. While some say they are the best thing ever, others feel “cat fights” are the bane of their existence.

Either way, when these girls in Canada got into their scuffle, it wasn’t just two girls… it was four! The four girls obviously had some kind of previous disagreement, and it sparked a foursome fiasco for the ages.

girls walking legs street side walk

Credit: lkoimages/Shutterstock

What’s more entertaining than two girls getting into it? How’s about four girls duking it out?

See how it all went down