Beautiful Words That Get Lost in Translation

Aug 21, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

How Do You Say...

English speakers are the first ones to admit that English is not the world’s most beautiful language. Of course, that depends on who’s speaking it, but when you hear someone whisper French or Italian in your ear, or recite poetry in Urdu or Korean, you know that our guttural, Germanic language is not necessarily music to foreign ears.

But aside from accents and pronunciation, when it comes down to it, the most basic building blocks of languages are words. While it’s assumed that English has the largest vocabulary (around 1,025,110 and growing all the time), this list shows us some of the most beautiful and descriptive words in other languages that English is simply lacking.

Do you know that creepy feeling you get when you’re all alone in the woods? German has a word for that. How about that strange feeling of anticipation you get when you’re waiting for someone to arrive? Inuit has a word for that.

Start the slideshow below and finally put a word to all those thoughts and feelings that English just doesn’t quite cover…

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Finally! Put a word to those feelings you never knew how to explain…

Start the slideshow and see these beautiful words.