World’s Strictest Parents: Joy-Anna Duggar’s in-Laws Are Even Stricter Than Jim Bob and Michelle!

Mar 21, 2017 at 5:00 pm |

We mean this quite literally...

Remember the golden age of MTV where you could watch hours of shows like Super Sweet 16, Next, and Parental Control? Those were the good ol’ days, right?

One of our favorite shows from that time period was The World’s Strictest Parents. If you had the misfortune of never seeing an episode, the premise of the series was always the same: Kids with terrible attitudes were flown halfway across the world to spend a week with a (usually) religious family to experience what it was like to live under a draconian set of rules. As a viewer, it always put in perspective how amazing my parents were, and my life really wasn’t that terrible.

After a little digging around, we found out that one of the host families starring on the show is none other than the Forsyths! AKA Joy-Anna Duggar’s future in-laws.

Joy anna duggar and the forsyth family

Source: Fort Rock Family Camp

We didn’t even know that was possible!

She's in for a surprise!