Artist’s Self Portraits Show Gradual Effects of LSD

Aug 26, 2015 at 3:26 pm |

LSD is famous for producing a profound trip that could leave you wandering through a fantasy world filled with vivid imagery and frightening stimuli for hours on end.

Redditor whatafinethrowaway decided to experiment with the classic pairing of LSD and art in a way that gives us all a glance into the wild world of an acid trip. An artist friend of hers took LSD and then drew a self portrait every 30 minutes to an hour to show the gradual effects of the drug.

These resulting drawings are simply incredible. You won’t believe the stunning artistry or the transformation that took hold over six hours into the high. Start the slideshow below to see the fascinating progression of the trip!

lsd portraits feature

(Photo by

LSD and art… you won’t believe the awesome result!

Get ready for this trip...