Angry Cats in Costume are Very Funny Cats

Mar 28, 2017 at 1:50 pm |

Is this cat abuse?

We all love to see funny cats and even if you love cats you know that are angry cats are especially funny. And even if you don’t like to be mean to cats you know that cats in costumes make for the funniest cat videos because cats hate costumes. Want to see?

Of course you do! You would love to see cats dressed as tacos, or hot dogs, or pirates. We know you do because they are so painfully cute and so adorably miserable in their little cat costumes. We know this because we can read their minds.

Want to know what cats think about those cute little costumes we put them in?

cat dressed as taco

Source: Instagram @arizona_ricecakes

Ever wonder what cats are thinking when we put them in those cute little costumes?

These kitters hate us