36 Things 80s Kids Will Understand

Sep 30, 2015 at 4:53 pm |

Parents just don't understand...

The 80s were like totally gnarly! No duh!

People take for granted the amazingly compact and speedy technology we have today. It wasn’t always like that, especially for those growing up in the 1980s. Years ago we had to struggle with things like floppy disks and cassette tapes. For us, a Walkman was magical.

There are lot of forgotten things about the 80s that we don’t wish to remember, but there were also totally tubular things like lunch boxes with thermoses that we should still have.

Check out what other 80’s things you might have forgotten about or click through to ridicule our tastes in clothes.

80s fashion and boombox

Source: Instagram @80s_renegade

Kids these days just don’t understand.

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