36 Richest Fictional Characters

Oct 20, 2015 at 12:46 pm |

Fake Money Has Never Been So Real

As much as you’d like to think of Donald Trump as a fictional character, that man and his wealth are all too real. Then again, fictional characters still have power, wealth and clout — the top 1% doesn’t really have to stop in the real world.

Forbes has decided to extend their well-known listicles of rich people to our favorite novels, movies, televisions and video games. The company created a portfolio for each fictional character based on how much they estimated they were each worth. The numbers have somehow climbed 3% since they released the same list last year, proving that even the fictional rich are getting richer.

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Mr. Burns

Credit: Fox/Photofest

Tony Stark isn’t even in the top three? What?!

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