30 Terrifying (and cute) Hybrid Animals

Nov 12, 2015 at 11:00 am |

But we actually might want one as a pet...

Cloning is creepy enough… but imagine a world in which we could integrate species into completely new animals. Yes, you can crossbreed lions and tigers. Old news. But a lion and a monkey??? You’ll have to see for yourself. If the result is anything like Jurassic World, we want out. Luckily, to the thanks of Photoshop and the creative brains of Reddit, we have a glimpse into what that world might look like… minus the uncontrollable dinosaur and havoc that comes with it.

Snake and turtle

Credit: Imgur/MLGLYNN


We know about Ligers and Grolar Bears (polar and grizzly bear) but have you ever heard of an Orongato? Or Dippo? Probably not (because they don’t exist) but if they did, here’s what these animal hybrids would look like.

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