12 Times Andrew Garfield Was Too Depressing for His Own Good

Aug 20, 2015 at 4:39 pm |

The Saddest Spider-Man Around...

If you’re like me, you really liked Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man (while it lasted).

Aside from that, we all know he dates Emma Stone, and that the two of them often photobomb their own paparazzi photos in and around LA. But how much do we know about Andrew Garfield, really?

To commemorate his birthday (August 20), I wanted to go find an inspirational quote from the young actor, but I was shocked to discover that practically everything this guy has ever said is depressing. I mean sitting alone at lunch, getting swirlies in the bathroom, real-life Peter Parker minus the superpowers depressing.

Don’t believe me? Start the slideshow below and see the hilariously dark quotes that Andrew Garfield has given us.

I can’t believe he said all these things. He looked so happy when he was Spider-Man!

Start the slideshow too see how dark Garfield can get!