Frozen Car Leaves Unreal Ice Sculpture!

Feb 20, 2015 at 10:13 am |

Frozen in place, this car made an unbelievable ice sculpture right in the parking lot, and the picture is too wild to be true… or is it?

The historically cold winter weather that has been slamming the East Coast so far this year has made its fair share of impressive, frozen landscapes. This latest picture, however, is the wildest one we’ve seen.

Coming from Greenville, North Carolina, the picture shows a perfect ice imprint of the hood of a Jeep. According to the people who took the photo, the Jeep, which had been frozen over in one of several recent winter storms, warmed up its engine before backing out of the spot, leaving the icy imprint still intact and frozen to the curb. Incredible!

Who knew there was such a beautiful upside to when your frozen car won’t start in the morning?

Is this frozen car’s intricate ice imprint too beautiful to be true? See the pictures here!