Do They Just Funnel in Food Coloring? However They Do It, It’s Impressive

Mar 16, 2015 at 11:39 am |

Forget Boston and forget New York: both of these cities pale in comparison to Chicago when it comes to Irish pride.

St. Patrick’s Day may fall on a Tuesday this year, but Chicagoans celebrated on Saturday, turning the Chicago River green for the occasion. The coloring process took five hours and involved a mix of 40 pounds of powdered green vegetable dye being tipped overboard a boat. Thousands attend the riverside event each year, a tradition that dates back to 1962. This time-lapse video captures the process.

And don’t you worry about marine life. The vegetable-based dye isn’t harmful to anything living in the water!

Story Courtesy: Storyful, KC Wildmoon

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Source: owdeguy

Do they just funnel in food coloring? However they do it, it’s impressive!