Did Michael Jackson Send This Sign from Beyond the Grave?

Jun 26, 2015 at 3:02 pm |

Now THIS is a thriller in the night. This stunning photograph taken in Goochland (lol) County, Virginia has many people wondering if the King of Pop is still entertaining us from beyond the grave.

Photographer John Plashal went outside to take a picture of a brilliant thunderstorm when he captured this image. If you look closely enough, you can make out a figure in the clouds that looks just like Michael Jackson moonwalking. Due to the cloud composition, it even looks like he’s wearing his signature outfit of black pants, a white T, and a hat.

What’s even freakier about this ~apparition~ is that it came to us six years to the day after MJ died in infamy on June 25, 2009. Could this be some sort of sign, or is this just a huge coincidence?

Personally, I’ve been listening to MJ all week at work, and after seeing this photo, I choose to believe! Then again, we see what we want to.


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