Dead Raccoon Receives Epic Memorial from City of Toronto

Jul 10, 2015 at 5:11 pm |

If most people found a dead raccoon on the street, they would probably ignore it. But the citizens of Toronto did the complete opposite.

After several people complained about the dead animal, city services claimed that they would take care of the problem. When no crews came to clean the raccoon up, however, people started having some fun.

What started as a joke rapidly turned into a city-wide movement. First, there was a single rose. Then a sympathy card. Then a memorial picture of a raccoon. More flowers. More cards. A memorial plaque passersby could sign. A cigarette. More flowers. A viral hashtag. A candlelit vigil. WHAT?!

That’s right! Those Canadians showed off just how friendly they are by honoring the dead raccoon–who was dubbed Conrad–as if he had been a lifelong friend. City Councillor Norm Kelly also got in on the ceremony, showing that even politicians in Canada seem like fun:

But what started as a fairly silly commemoration did bring up a more serious reality: due to recent budget cuts in the city, Animal Services couldn’t respond to Conrad’s death due to lack of manpower. The group had to respond to numerous complaints via Twitter. When asked why it took over 12 hours to pick up Conrad, they responded, “With 35,000 service requests per year, we must triage calls. Injured, distressed or stray animals are always attended to first.”

In happier news, the deceased raccoon is in a better place now. RIP Conrad.

This dead animal just got a bigger funeral celebration than you’ll probably have…