This Guy Used Giant Back Piercings to Do WHAT?

Aug 6, 2015 at 2:32 pm |

parachute back skin base jump

(Photo by YouTube/ Barcroft TV)

Some people will go to ridiculous lengths to get that new adrenaline rush, but daredevil Josh Miramant really took it to the next level.

As if jumping off cliffs in Thailand wasn’t enough of a thrill, Josh decided to make free-falling over the ocean even crazier by attaching his safety parachute directly to his back. That’s right: he pierced giant holes in the skin to hook the parachute to.

In spite of a little bit of blood, Miramant’s death-defying jump was a success. He later said that the adrenaline totally blocked out the pain of the hooks in his back. Naturally, the American flag speedo made the whole thing more badass.

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