Could You Even Afford to Go to Hogwarts?

Jul 14, 2015 at 5:34 pm |

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Leave it to Harry Potter fans to solve all remaining mysteries and work out every last unwritten detail from the books, right down to the last Knut.

Based off the list of mandatory school supplies that Harry received in Sorcerer’s Stone, fans were able to calculate a rough estimate of Hogwarts’s annual tuition, room, and board. And guess what: it’s not cheap.

Would you be able to afford a Hogwarts tuition? Between the uniform, books, wand, cauldron, and other equipment, a first-year student is looking at anywhere from $770–$1,590. After you add in an estimated tuition of $41,000, you’re suddenly forking over upwards of $42,000 or more to Hogwarts annually. This doesn’t even incorporate books and supplies for other years, or for extraneous costs like Quidditch equipment, pets, or butter beer money for those trips to Hogsmeade.

Turns out Hogwarts is a lot more elitist than we thought. First of all, you have to have special blood to get in, and then they charge you up the wazoo for SEVEN YEARS. No wonder it’s been able to stay in business for over ten centuries (give or take a couple openings of the Chamber of Secrets.) Maybe S.P.E.W. could free up some work study positions for students.

If you take the low estimate of $42,000 and assume that this is the standard rate for Years 2–7, that’s a total of $294,000 to attend Hogwarts. That means the Weasleys dished out $2,058,000 for their children’s educations (even though Fred and George both left before graduation). Suddenly, their clothes and home make a lot of sense.

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This is the shocking cost of a Hogwarts tuition. No wonder the Weasleys are broke!