Company Implants Microchips in Employees’ Hands

Feb 5, 2015 at 4:46 pm |

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The future is now.

Much like all of the futuristic dystopias you read about in high school literature classes, the Swedish company Epicenter is now having employees implant radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips into their hands. The rice-sized chips allow employees to open doors and access the photocopy machine, among other daily functions.

Of course, this chip is not (yet) mandatory; its merely going through a testing phase with forward-thinking volunteers. The idea behind the chip, coming from the bio-hacking group BioNyfiken, is that while technology is easier to use than ever before, more often than not, users are slowed down by passwords, codes, and swipe cards. The RFID chip eliminates the troublesome middleman (how many times have you forgotten a password?), leaving instant access to doors and machinery literally at your fingertips.

While the aim of the chip is to ease the arduous process of, say, tapping four digits to unlock your phone, a major security question also arises. If passwords are no longer stored in our heads, but instead physically in chips (and limbs), whos to stop companies from selling extra chips, providing high-paying customers with infinite access to offices and software? Or, in a more gruesome thought, a CEOs very valuable hand (and chip) becomes an easy target for violent, knife-wielding perpetrators. Chopping off someones hand certainly sounds a lot easier than getting someone to confess all of their passwords. One cant help but think of Tom Cruises fake eyeballs in Minority Report or Katniss tracking device being savagely cut out of her arm in The Hunger Games.
Then again, as science fiction has imagined for decades, in-body technology seems to be the way of the future. The workers at BioNyfiken want to test the practical facility of the corporal chip in an average office before interested customers (such as Facebook, Google, or the government) come knocking at their door.

Do you think technological implants are the way of the future? Would you ever get one? It might only be a matter of time before such chips become mandatory.

The future is here. But we do we really want it to be this invasive?