It Was Probably Warmer in Antarctica Yesterday Than Wherever You Live

Mar 31, 2015 at 12:04 pm |

The first day of spring was over a week ago, and yet saying that the winter is behind us sounds like a cruel April Fool’s joke. Okay, okay, so if you’re lucky enough to live in the Southwest – or pretty much anywhere outside of the Northeast, you might already be outside basking in the sunshine, but for many parts of the world, it would seem that this is the winter that never ends.

What’s worse than temperatures not warming up around the globe when it’s practically April? Temperatures warming up to record highs in Antarctica. That’s right: we’ve known for some time that the polar ice caps are in trouble thanks to rising air and water temperatures. And then, yesterday (March 30), Antarctica hit its highest temperature ever recorded: a breezy 63.5°F (17.5°C). That might not seem like much, but for Antarctica, it’s a BFD.

To put it into comparable terms, that means it was only half a degree cooler in Antarctica yesterday than in San Francisco and Seattle, and just over two degrees colder than in Washington D.C.

It was over six degrees warmer in Antarctica than it was in Philadelphia, two degrees above Chicago, and almost 10 degrees warmer than New York City.

Moving around the world, it was nine degrees hotter in Antarctica than in Paris, 11 degrees warmer than London, and only one degree colder than in Athens, Greece.

Should we be considering Antarctica as a spring break destination? If you care about the planet, this news should make you at least a little bit uncomfortable. Scientists warn that Antarctica is experiencing the most rapid increase in temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere.

Still not concerned? Don’t forget that scientists also told us that this was the warmest winter on record, much to the disbelief of those of us who feel like we haven’t seen the Sun in months. What do you believe?

(Record temperature was taken at the Esperanza Base on the Antarctica Peninsula.)

This is just the final straw. First they tell us it’s the warmest winter ever, now it’s warmer in Antarctica than half the country! Unbelievable…