4 Harmful Things That Texting Does to Your Body

Jul 10, 2015 at 12:57 pm |

Is Texting Bad for You?

Look around you at any given point in time, and you’re bound to see people on their phones. I hate people that text while walking around the city, blocking sidewalks or causing problems for themselves and others instead of paying attention, but I know I’m guilty of doing it, too.

The point is, phones are omnipresent. And aside from the obvious dangers of texting and driving, did you know that constantly being on your phone has various negative impacts on your health? These are the four worst things that texting does to your body:

4. Breathing Complications

Did you ever consider this one? Constantly hunching over your phone or other technology impedes the normal motions and functions of the ribs and lungs. Researchers in the UK found that people breath less while in this position and can even develop “screen apnea” leading to higher heart rate levels and stress. Make sure to take a break once in a while and regulate your deep breaths!

3. Aching Neck and Back

This might be the most obvious effect that texting has on our bodies. Who hasn’t spent extended periods of time looking down at their phone, iPad, or laptop, only to feel a stiffness or pain in their neck and back afterwards? This comes from the strain we put on our spines when exerting up to 60 pounds of pressure on it by keeping our heads down. Try holding your phone higher to keep your head and neck balanced!

2. Hand and Wrist Pain

We use our hands for practically everything, but the fine motor skills constantly needed for texting and using our phones put extra strain on our hands and arms. Handling a phone nonstop can easily lead to hand cramps, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel. Try out some hand stretches throughout the day, and don’t be afraid to put down your phone once in a while.

1. Texting Thumb

When it comes to texting and working our devices, our fingers are the primary victims. The thumb especially endures an enormous amount of stress from clicking, swiping, typing, and even holding our phones nonstop. Thumbs have less dexterity than other fingers (guess they haven’t adapted to texting yet!), and overexerting it could lead to tendonitis or arthritis. If you ever feel pain in your thumb or knuckles, give your thumb a rest. Try using your phone’s voice commands to text, or switch up your texting fingers once in a while.

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Do you thinking texting is bad for you? These are the 4 worst things texting does to your body.