You Won’t Believe What the World’s Biggest ‘Zelda’ Fan Built from Legos

Aug 18, 2015 at 4:04 pm |

zelda lego hyrule castle

Photo by YouTube/ Beyond the Brick

BrickFair brings together tens of thousands of fans across the United States each year to share and show off the one pastime that unites them all, those tiny building blocks we call Lego.

The star of this year’s BrickFair Virginia was 19-year-old Joseph Zawada, a dedicated Legend of Zelda and Lego fan who combined his two hobbies to bring us one of the most beautiful Lego masterpieces we’ve ever seen: Hyrule Castle.

Based off the design from Twilight Princess–which Joseph says is his favorite installment in the Zelda franchise–the castle took Zawada over two and a half years to build. He doesn’t clarify how many Lego bricks went into the process, but we do know that he spent a lot of cash order prefabricated parts (say, is that cheating?)

zelda lego hyrule castle 1

Photo by YouTube/ Beyond the Brick

The final product is a stunning replica of one of the quirkier Hyrule Castles we’ve seen, especially because of the round and octagonal towers, which, along with the roof design, caused Zawada the most trouble. The castle splits into 40 pieces for transport, and all together, it takes about two cars to move. Now that’s dedication!

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zelda lego hyrule castle star wars

Photo by YouTube/ Beyond the Brick

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