You Won’t Believe Which Presidential Candidate Just Did ‘Worst Impression Ever’ of ‘The Simpsons’

Jul 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm |

GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was a good sport for Buzzfeed. The Canadian-born Texan agreed to do a video audition to replace voice actor Harry Shearer on The Simpsons. Most of this is cringe-worthy and we were embarrassed for him. Though, we must admit his Ned Flanders impersonation is pretty good. But let’s be honest, he just phoned in Lisa (luckily Shearer doesn’t do Lisa’s irreplaceable voice).

Shearer voices fan favorites like Homer, Mr. Burns, and dozens of other recurring characters. He has been with The Simpsons since 1989 (were you even born yet?!). His retirement was announced this past May after contract disputes. Fox is looking to replace him. Here’s to hoping they find someone better than Ted Cruz. For us, The Simpsons haven’t been the same without Phil Hartman’s hilarious, pompous characters.

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You’ll cringe when he says, “Smithers, release the hounds.”