World’s Most Dedicated ‘Star Wars’ Fan Just Did This

Nov 13, 2015 at 11:40 am |

A Long Time Ago in a Suburb Far, Far Away

homemade death star 1

Source: YouTube @Colby Powell

At its core, the Star Wars franchise is largely about families and tradition.

Clearly, Colby Powell is the type of father who wants to pass down his hobbies and traditions to his children. And as one of the biggest Star Wars fans we’ve ever seen, he decided to share his love for the space opera in a way his kids wouldn’t soon forget. He built a homemade Death Star.

What do you get when you take 162 Geohubs, 18 cans of paint, 2,000 feet of PVC pipe, parachutes, LED lights, a hoard of eager children, one man’s love for Star Wars, and a crane to bring it all together? Why, you get a two-story Death Star that nestles comfortably on top of a suburban California home.

homemade death star 2

Source: YouTube @Colby Powell


homemade death star 3

Source: YouTube @Colby Powell

The construction looks like a massive undertaking, but I still had no idea the finished product would look this good.

That’s no moon…