Footage from World’s First Self-Powered Video Camera Looks like Something from a Horror Movie

Apr 15, 2015 at 2:31 pm |

You die once you see the… footage from this Columbia University experiment.

What should be very exciting news for the tech world – not to mention tons of fame-hungry millennials – is being overshadowed by how horrifying the result is.

Researchers at Columbia, led by computer science professor Shree Nayar, just built the world’s first self-powered video camera, which is awesome news. Basically, they paired together a camera with the technology from solar panels to harvest light and turn it into electrical energy.

The camera can produce one image per second if there’s enough light, and it self-adjusts between photoconductive mode and photovoltaic mode to power itself.

That being said, the camera can, theoretically, run forever. That’s right, endless film, and no batteries necessary. The researchers announced that this rudimentary technology could be the breakthrough for the future of numerous devices.

Unfortunately, most people are too distracted by the eerie, grainy quality of the camera’s first footage. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie, not a lab at Columbia University.

Watch… if you dare.

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It might be an incredible technological breakthrough, but the result is way too terrifying.